Saturday, August 20, 2011

Self-Portrait (After Miro')

Guess where I went today! It was really fun and interesting.

After the special exhibition (hint in title), I had a snack. It was crowded, so I asked if I could share a table, and it was fine, so I did. I shared with a woman named Alison, who was delightful. We chatted a bit, and since one of her children just got into university (see, I left out the "the"!), she explained to me how the entry system works. It was great, and a fun chat.

There was an absolutely fantastic exhibit of works by Taryn Simon. Each piece included a series of portrait photos of single family members, grouped, with some blank spaces. And then to the right of that part was a list of the people, and then a couple paragraphs in small print explaining some aspect of the family grouping. To the right of that was a small collection of photos of related people or objects.

The idea is that each family group included ancestors and descendents of a person who's talked about in the central paragraphs (along with the rest of the family). So, for example, there's one series that records a family that has lost many members to violence in Serbia Herzogovena. A couple of the portrait photos in this case were a partial skeleton, and then two people were represented by a single tooth.

The photo stuff to the right of that included photos of a death squad killing some Muslim men.

Each family group took up a wall, basically, and it was fascinating putting them together by reading and looking at the pictures.

(If anyone wants to take a shot at my self portrait... go for it!)


  1. Now I know what to look for when I want to say hi to you at the next conference!

  2. The Tate Modern! Woot! Love that place. Missed it this year (so missed the Miro exhibit), but I've never been disappointed with a special exhibit there.

  3. Tate Modern, right? We really enjoyed that when we were there! Very cool!!

  4. One thing i love about the cafe at the Tate Modern (and the Millenium Bridge) is that it really gives you a sense of how close to the river St Pauls is...