Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Brief and Shining Moment

I am caught up.

Yes, there's plenty I should get started on, but just for the moment, I'm caught up.

I am caught up in grading and final class preps. I still have to write finals, and grade them.

I sent off my SAA abstract, and I'm actually happy with it.

Stuff yet to do:
Write finals.
Grade finals and papers as they come in.
Meet with students about their papers so they'll be better than otherwise.*
Pack and figure out packing stuff**
Print out my ticket info, and contact someone at home about picking me up in the wee hours of the night.
Write the actual SAA paper.

In the meanwhile, I've borrowed Julian Barnes' book The Sense of an Ending from the Abbey library, and I'm enjoying that. At some point, I'll have to go buy another Pratchett book (assuming I can find one) to read on trains and airplanes and such.

* You know how students often give reasons for why they can't make this or that office hour. Usually, the reasons are along the lines of "I have to work," "I have another class," or "I can't get childcare." I just had a student tell me that she couldn't meet with me because she was going to [insert somewhat fancy international city]. How cool is THAT? I want one of my students at home to tell me that s/he can't meet with me because s/he will be in York or Paris or something someday.

**I mailed one of the sock monkey hats to one of my cousins yesterday. The people at the Royal Mail were amused and helpful. And then, of course, I couldn't help but send her a hinting eff bee message about it. I would be a terrible spy.


  1. On this side of the pond *not* finding a Pratchett book as the only readable thing at a station or airport is rare (which is why those of us who've read them all tend to wander around airport bookshops muttering to ourselves ;-). There will be tons of them.

    Just avoid "Reaperman" and "Soul Music". Oh, and there's a wonderful DVD of "Going Postal" as well.

  2. Cool! I'll be at SAA too. It will be my first time, and I'm really looking forward to it. My abstract is due Monday, and I'll be dashing it out over the weekend. Every now and then I have a thought about the paper and write it on a post-it. My desk has probably ten post-its about the paper on it. Maybe compiling them will equal a 300-word abstract. :)

    I envy that you're caught up. I'm so swamped that I'm having marathon reading and/or grading sessions. I read Lord of the Flies in one long sitting yesterday. What an awesome mistake that was. I barely slept. But I managed to get through my classes that way. Whatever it takes! Tonight's agenda: grading 101 papers, which to this point have been miserable. Enjoy yourself and your golden moment!