Monday, December 05, 2011

Last Days, for Now

I'm finishing up here at the Abbey, and looking forward to a few days in London before I head home. It's a final time to visit some places I haven't seen, and revisit some I've seen.

On my revisit list:

Westminster Abbey
Banqueting House
British Museum (maybe also another visit to the British Library)
Victoria and Albert
National Portrait Gallery (I find I like portraits more than some other art, but I may go back to the National Gallery, too)
St. Paul's (and maybe Southwark Cathedral, because it's got a good feel)

Dr. Virago responded last time, and suggested the Sir John Soane, and I've been there and enjoyed it, but I don't think I need a revisit right yet (maybe next time I'm in London).

I haven't been to the Marble Arch (though I've driven by), so I might go there to stand on the Tyburn marker.

Other than that, who has a good idea? (I'm also willing to get on a train and leave town for a day trip.) I know it's way off season, but that's what it is.

Does anyone know if there's a really fun weekend market on Saturday or Sunday that's still going strong? Somewhere special to visit for good cheer? A really fun pub?

I'll be staying near King's Cross this time, which seems (like Paddington) to have a load of hotels nearby more than a neighborhood. (But it's also on the line to go to Heathrow on the subway without dragging my HUGE suitcase miles.)


  1. Couldn't remember if you'd been to the Soane. I hear they do evening candlelight tours, too, which sounds cool, but perhaps you want some things on your list you haven't done.

    Have you been to the Wallace Collection? If you're going to be at St. Paul's and Southwark, what about stopping at the Tate Modern? It's probably not the best time of year for this, but I still think everyone should see London from the top of Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath.

    You've done so much, it's hard to remember what you've done and what you haven't!

  2. Ooh, but wait, it *is* a good time of year for a crepe from the Hampstead Creperie. Maybe you *should* go up to Hampstead, get a crepe, and walk across the Heath.

    Btw, there's a really nice gastro pub on the west side of the BL called the Somers Town Coffee House on Chalton St. Since you'll be in the neighborhood, I recommend getting a meal there.

  3. Don't forget while you're at the National Portrait Gallery to see the blood mask (it's near the gift shop on the ground floor).


  4. Camden Market is funky open Sat & Sunday -- clothes, antiques, stuff, ranging from the tacky to trendy to fab. (With food stalls too) Most interesting for the clientele... For food, Borough Market is good...

  5. Anonymous11:14 AM

    How about Samuel Johnson's house? It's a nice little museum and I've always had excellent guides. My students really enjoyed it last summer, especially when they got to play with the dictionaries.

    If you have any interest in Dickens, the Charles Dickens Museum is quite nice. I think they just did a remodel, so it should be nice and new. I like the Leighton House Museum, too. The house is gorgeous and it's full of Leighton's Victorian artwork.

    The Foundling Museum is really interesting (and close to the Dickens Museum) so I definitely recommend a visit there. And the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden is much more entertaining than you'd think buses, subway cars and carriages would be.

    I always enjoy Portobello Market (near Notting Hill); it has a little bit of everything, plus good food stalls. If you're a foodie, though, definitely go to Borough Market (near London Bridge). Spitalfields Market (near Liverpool Street) is also really fun; lots of eclectic jewelry and clothing there.