Friday, December 02, 2011

Small World

One of the visiting folks here is a deep water basketweaver. I haven't gotten to know her well, but we were both free and had tea today (and shortbread cookies!). We were chatting along, and she mentioned a school she'd been affiliated with, and it just so happens that the deep water tapestry weaver at that school was, some years ago, at a school I was affiliated with for a bit.

And yes, the deep water basketweaver knew the tapestry weaver. And we spent several minutes singing her praises, since she's a wonderful person in all sorts of ways.

But how weird is that, that we've known each other for a while, and only by coincidence did the basketweaver mention her affiliation with that school? And cool. Because in some ways I'm a wanna be deep water person only just on the edges because deep water is harder than Shakespeare and stuff. But I still like knowing deep water people because I get to learn cool stuff from them.

I wonder if the tapestry weaver's ears were burning while we lauded her? I hope so!

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