Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rounding Out

About a week or so after I got to the UK, I caught a cold, a nasty, nasty cold. I remember dripping my nose's way around the V&A the first time, sneezing and feeling droopy.

And a couple weeks after I got to the Abbey, I got the same hacking cough of a cold that everyone else was having.

And now, apparently, I've caught another cold, just in time to get on an airplane and share it with everyone on the plane and in two states. Bleargh. So far I'm at the half a day in, scratchy throat beginning the drippy nose phase. Lovely. I can't wait to get on a plane.

And naturally, my plan is to go back to the V&A tomorrow for a last visit. I may also go to the London Eye, depending on how things feel, to do something new to me.

Today I went to the Tower (I bought a historic palaces membership back when, so the visit was easy), then walked to St. Paul's and spent a long time there, said my goodbye to Donne's effigy. Then I walked to St. Martin's in the Fields, which, by the way, isn't in any field these days. It's right next to Tralfagar Square, in fact, and I should have gone there the other day, since when I got there today, it was already closed for a concert this afternoon. So I visited the shop in the undercroft thing, and then headed back to my room for a rest. And now it's time to go out and forage some food.

This week I've had: Chinese, Fish & Chips, Indian, and tonight I'm thinking kebab. But we'll see what looks good when I walk by.

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