Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Second Day in Shakespearelandia!

And it was a good one, in all sorts of ways.

Most important, I got to have a blogger-meet-up lunch with Susan! It was fun, and really nice to have a good lunch and chat with her. (Hi Susan!)

We met at the British Library, so I got there a bit early and saw the science fiction exhibition, and also the gallery with the Magna Carta and a First Folio. (Life is good!) (Our department is supposed to move to a new building in a few years; my fantasy is looking like the King's Library right now.

After lunch, I went to the Tower of London, which was very fun. I took one of the guided tours by a Yeoman Warder of the Tower; he was one of those people who obviously loves teaching and history, and gave a really fun, interesting tour. I saw the crown jewels, which were sparkly, but I was way more into the armor and stuff. I did learn why all the jewels and ornamental stuff (except for one salt thingy) were from 1661 or after; the Warder told me that Cromwell had had earlier stuff melted down and sold because the government needed money. Interesting!

I didn't get to see everything, but it was great, and I'm hoping to return.

And now, to bed!


  1. I know you have things planned, but I want to put in a plug for the City of London Museum, which is built into the old city wall. Very cool historical stuff, including armor and weaponry.

  2. There is a pub with great food near the BL called Norfolk Arms, recently renovated by new owners. It's kind of a mix of new and and old (it doesn't feel especially historical), but the food is great. You can look it up online for more details. Glad you're having such a brilliant time!

  3. I'm envious. Have fun!

  4. So cool! I love the armor, too. Really cool stuff. I can't even imagine how anyone wore that stuff and actually fought!

    What's really nice is that you'll be there for a while, so you'll have time to make multiple visits to places. That's so awesome!

  5. it sounds so exciting! i'd love love love to get to england one day.

  6. Thanks, Kendra, I appreciate the suggestion!

    And thanks all. And please, feel free to make suggestions!