Sunday, July 10, 2011

32 and a Half Miles

I wasn't going to go that far, but that's what happened. I was riding one of my favorite roads, to the east of my little city, on the side of a lake. And I felt good, really good. So I decided to go all the way around the lake.

I only had one water bottle, but there's a bar and a nature center (not the same) about midway, and I was pretty darned sure I could get water at either, or if not, could ride a couple miles out of my way to a small town and get water (or other stuff) at a gas station.

Stopping for water at bars amuses me. There were four people sitting at the bar, just past midday, and a kid climbing around stuff to the side, and the barkeep, who was kind enough to give me ice and cold water. The people in the bar were friendly in that way that people are friendly when they think you're a bit crazy, but harmless. It's cool in the bar, but I'm always really glad to get out of the smokiness. (I don't know why they're so smoky, since there's a no-smoking law, I thought?)

I also stopped at the nature center, a bit further on, because I realized that a bathroom break would be nice. The guy behind the desk was equally friendly, but in the way that seemed like he thought it's a great idea to be out playing on one's bike rather than a bit crazy.

And now I'm more tuckered than I should be. I was slow. I think I should have taken some real food, or at least eaten a second packet of sports bean things. But I'm not quite sure why I'm feeling more tuckered than I expected. I'm guessing: 1) I'm not in as good a shape as I thought, or as I've typically been at this point in the summer, or 2) I didn't eat enough before I left. (I'm guessing if that's the case, I should feel better pretty quickly since I had a yummy peanut butter sandwich on homemade bread.)