Monday, July 04, 2011

Lemmings and Birds

I've been away, and now I'm pretty stressed about getting ready to go. 20 days and counting. Eep.

While I was away, I played a bit of "Angry Birds." It's fun, and reminded me a lot of "Lemmings," which was one of the great games of all time. They both have little game sections in which you practice and learn to repeat some basic game skill(s) and then use them to solve problems based on screen geography and such. The only downside to messing up is that you repeat the level (well, and with Lemmings, you got that great splatting sound sometimes). And when you succeed, you move up to a new level with a bit more difficult problem or set of problems.

They both have somewhat cute graphics, a basic, easy to learn game play, and they both allow you to be creative with the game play to solve whatever problem(s) the level uses.

Except Lemmings was cuter.


  1. Ah, I keep hearing about that game but haven't tried it & don't really know anything about it. Are you playing it on the computer? I know many folks play it on their phones, although my eyes aren't good enough to do a lot of things on such a tiny screen.

  2. I played it on an iPad. There's a slingshot thing, and little bird figures that pop into it. Then there are little pig figures, which are often within little structures of "wood" or "stone" or "glass." The object is to slingshot the bird figures into the pig figures to make them explode. Some of the bird figures do special stuff (speed up, split into three, drop an egg bomb, explode extra) to make them more effective.


    That was an amazing game! Man. I'd completely forgotten about it... Now I want to find somewhere I can download it...

  4. I play Angry Birds on my iPhone from time to time, and it's my 5-year-old's favorite game ever. We have to limit his time with the game, or he'd play it all day.

    If you like these kinds of games, you might check out Enigmo--it's another physics-based game with multiple levels.