Monday, December 13, 2010

That Was Quick

I talked to my Mom yesterday, and she mentioned that the memorial service for my Aunt who died recently isn't going to be until mid-January. Several of my cousins will be there, cousins I haven't seen for 20 or so years. So I thought, hey, I could fly out there between terms, spend a week, go to the service, see family, and defrost a bit.

Usually, I'm a slow planner. It can take me months to figure out the most basic trip. But I just thought, yes, go. So I just bought my plane tickets.

I get sort of anxious buying big stuff (such as plane tickets) online. I shouldn't, but I do. So far, though, so good.

We already have one day planned, a trip to see some trees. And probably another day planned to see a slough. It will probably be beautiful. I have to decide whether I should bring my big camera lens in case of birds. Maybe just a pair of binoculars, and the regular lens for family shots?


  1. Ironic that it takes a death in the family to bring us together as far-flung as we are.

    I order tickets online all the time and never have a problem -but use a credit card, never a debit card.

    Pack light, take a digital point and shoot. Keep the weight down. You can borrow binoculars. Or take those pictures in your head instead.

  2. oh, yay for you! i know it's a funeral, but seeing cousins after 20 years? that's good.

    i've done a fair amount of flying, and always book online. my fave airline is SW, which goes where i usually go, has good prices, and is great about changes if needed.

    check your airline -- most let you get a boarding pass online 24 hours in advance. SW and others also have easy bag check -- and if you're going for a week, may as well check a bag and take what you might need.

  3. It'll be beautiful here in January - even if it's raining. What a nice break from winter for you! Enjoy - even if it's for a funeral.