Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Love my Neighbors

The neighbors across the way lent me their snowblower this morning. Even with the snowblower, it took almost an hour to clear my drive.

Now: For the first time, I'm seriously thinking about buying a snowblower. It was AMAZING!

My back was tired from digging yesterday, and it would have been really unhappy with the amount of digging I'd have had to do to clear this. I'm so happy not to have to dig all of it.

I don't know how people who live where it snows several feet at a time all the time do it. I'm guessing a snowblower is even more important there?

Can I say how very happy I am not to be part of the Donner Party? And how happy I am to have plentiful food in the house!

No telling when the city plows will come here. I've heard that they've been over some of the city twice (the storm lasted pretty much all day yesterday, so they went through and went through to keep more important roads somewhat clear). Hopefully they'll get here today sometime.


  1. I don't know how people who live where it snows several feet at a time all the time do it. I'm guessing a snowblower is even more important there?

    Yes. I thought I was going to cry my first winter in northern Utah, after getting four feet of snow in a week or two. The next winter I bought a snowblower. The winter after that I bought a bigger snowblower.

    I'm jealous of your snowfall, though. We got a lot of snow before Thanksgiving, but it's all melted off now, at least down in the valleys. No XC skiing for me yet...

  2. Holy white stuff, that's some landscape! I'm afraid to make any comment about how glad I am not to deal with that right now, lest I attract karmic retribution and end up employed in the tundra next year. Then again, at least that would be employment.

  3. It's been blowing snow all day long. Not as much as that accumulation on the ground yet but we're told that 40cm is possible. Ugh.

    We have a snowblower. It was a gift from my father-in-law when we moved to this house. (Our old house didn't have any place to store/maneuver such a behemoth.) It's been a great tool!

  4. The weather station in my suburb reported 20 inches from that storm... I'm glad we live in an apartment :).

    My BFF loves to snowblow... he does the neighbors just for the good karma...

  5. By the time I moved from snowy realms to non-snow realms, I was beginning to think about paying one of the guys who went around with a plow. They didn't do a great job, but our driveway was wide, and it would take me a couple of hours if we had more than 6 inches or so of snow. Of course shoveling was great exercise...

  6. I remember when we finally got a snowblower back when I was in my early teens. Mornings got a LOT easier.

    Hint for really wet snow: spray the blades with Pam cooking spray. The snow won't stick and build up as much!

  7. I want some! After hours of dire weather warnings on the radio, we got about an inch of snow last night, which is not nearly enough to justify my staying home in front of the fire. Send some of that snow to us, okay?

  8. We've got snow out here, but nothing compared to that. Jaysus.

    And that's one heck of a drive, too. Man.

    Makes the twenty minutes it took to scrape the snow and underlying ice layer off the car absolutely pale in comparison...