Monday, December 20, 2010


One of my friends is leaving for a new job. I'm happy for my friend because it will be a much better fit. But I'm unhappy for me because I'll miss my friend and my friend's partner.

We got together with some other folks the other day. My friend seemed sort of grumpy, as if everyone were supposed to ask how the job search is going. But, of course, being polite, we weren't about to ask, so my friend just announced it. Some, I think, knew ahead. Some didn't.

My friend and the partner were talking about how much better things are in the other state, especially in terms of higher education.

So I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning. Many of my friends have gone to visit family, and the few of us who are around now are busy either with grading (which is what I should be finishing right now) or with family preparations. But I want to be entertained. (And not grade, though I should be doing that.)

The same thing seems to be happening with bloggers; lots of people are too busy to post much. (Guilty.)

Entertain me, people!

My car's in the shop for the morning getting rear brakes, a new battery, new tires, and getting the heater blower checked, and (I hope) getting the CD player put back sans the CD that was stuck in there. So I can't even run errands and pretend I'm doing something useful.

Gah, grading.

Edited to add: I finished my grading and turned in the grades. Now for some chores and wrapping presents! YAY!!


  1. Oh dear Bardiac! Blog the grading, m'dear. I'm working on a deadline myself. Oooh so exciting. But I'm accountablogging. You can too.

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    oh man, that reminds me... I need to take my car into the shop and make a dentist appointment and probably a dozen other things I've been putting off during the school year.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that your friend is leaving, but it's great to hear that someone is getting a better job when many of us struggle to get even a mediocre job. Sigh.

    I finally got all my grading done yesterday. The last research paper (for which I'd given an extension) was plagiarized. Student has been referred to the dean and will be kicked out of the program since this is her second plagiarized paper of the semester. Zoinks!

  4. Would it help if I were to juggle? I don't actually know how to juggle, but I could pretend to juggle and you'd never know the difference...

  5. Thanks, Earnest! I'm all but two papers done :)

    Nicole, I hope your car didn't need as much stuff as mine does. :(

    Fie, Looks like a job will be opening up here, maybe next year? (Not Shax, though.) Congrats on finishing!

    Bev, Yes, it would help, and yes, I would know. But I'd be happy to teach YOU to juggle! Because it's one of my important "run away to join the circus skills," though my shoveling skils are MUCH stronger.

  6. Oh, it's such a bittersweet moment when a colleague leaves for a better situation. (We're in the same case although the administration has said no replacement, at least not for next year.)

    It's the calm before the storm, here. Tomorrow morning is when the students from my later medieval survey write their exams. I'll pick them up at noon and proceed to mark as fast as I can.

    Just once, I'd like a Christmas with no marking hanging over my head!

  7. One of my friends (you've met her) left her last year for another job. It's a much better job for her, so of course I'm happy for her, but I miss having her here.

    I think it can be hard to be the friend left behind when someone else is off to a new adventure.

    Hang in there!