Friday, December 24, 2010

Passive Something or Other

When I was a kid, we used to make little houses out of cardboard and decorate them as gingerbread houses. It's a LOT easier to build a cardboard house (trust me on this) and you get to spend more time decorating and less time trying to get gingerbread to stay where you want it.

So, I voiced the idea the other day.

We found some cardboard boxes and decided last night that we'd use them for the basic houses, adding roofs and bases from other cardboard.

This morning we got a start. And I use "we" in a generous sense, because while I instigated it all, my Mom either took over the heavy lifting of getting the houses made or took over the fun of getting the houses made. And I went off and checked email and stuff, because I've figured out in life that I get frustrated when my Mom takes over, and just move away. And I knew that would happen, and I'm okay with it in this case. So I'm passively hanging out, waiting for the houses to be built. And then I'll get to play at decorating.

And my fiendish plot to make a mess with frosting and candies will come to fruition!

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