Thursday, December 23, 2010

Going Crazy


X: I really like this cat toy.

Me: Yes, it's cool.

X: I really like it.

Hours later:

X: I really like this cat toy.

Me: Yes, it's cool.

X: I really like it.

Rinse and repeat with a small selection of other topics. It's like being in a rerun of Seinfeld, except the repetition isn't quick and witty.


  1. Cats aren't really known for their conversational skills. This one sounds better than talking to a dog, at least. They just say "Hey! Hey! Hey!" a lot.

    Or did you mean this was an actual conversation with a human being?

  2. Hey, my dog says a lot more than "Hey!" She also says:

    Hey! Feed me!
    Hey! Walk me!
    Hey! Play with me!
    Hey! Pay attention to me!
    Hey! Pet me!
    Hey! Someone's at the door and I don't like it one bit!
    Hey! Look at me! Aren't I cute? Take a picture!
    Hey! That's the Lady's car engine! She's home!
    Hey! That's the Man's car engine! He's home!
    Hey! That's the garage door opening! Are we going for a ride?
    Hey! Squirrels! Get outta that tree and into my mouth! Come back here!
    Hey! It's that annoying UPS man! Or maybe it's FedEx! Or maybe it's just the school bus, but dammit, I don't like diesel engines, so Hey! Go away!
    Hey! I really like this new toy -- it's much better than the old ones. Oh wait, this newer toy is even better!
    Hey! What's that sound?
    Hey! What's that smell? And that one? And that one? And that one?
    Hey! Aren't you people going to bed yet?

    and finally...

    Hey, I am filled the ennui only a dog can know. I wouldn't expect you to understand.