Monday, December 06, 2010

Not So Self-Evident?

I have a colleague who begins complaints by saying, "I'm not complaining, but..." and then goes on with the complaint.

I know someone who claims to be really good at keeping secrets, and then tries to deomonstrate this by telling me whatever private information someone has recently told him/her. This person wonders why I don't share my private information.

I wonder what I totally don't see myself contradicting myself about?


  1. This morning, I said to my department chair (during our debriefing about a gnarly department meeting), "People are just so crazy!" And he looked at me and nodded, and I thought, "Oh my. Does he think *I'm* crazy?"

  2. My favorite is "I'm a horrible liar," and then the person lies to my face, and I know it -- not because they are, indeed, a horrible liar, but because I know the truth. Nice.

  3. Your colleague is nuts. Who would ever entrust private information to a gossipmonger who is plainly trawling for it?

    And don't worry, this is your blog. Blogs are for complaining and messy suggestions of private information.

  4. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I've heard a lot of this lately: "I don't want to say anything negative about X, BUT [insert scathing commentary]."