Monday, December 06, 2010

I'm THAT Teacher :(

You know how when you were an undergrad, you maybe had a teacher who seemed to lose things? I'm that teacher. I found a pile of about 5 things to grade that I thought I'd already graded and handed back (but indeed, I hadn't). I'd even added up that part of the grade for each student (so that I have it handy and can just enter it in the ol' Excel gradebook).

Gah, how embarrasing. But good for the students!

I had two students in one class not hand in an assignment, so I wrote each a note to make sure that I hadn't missed recording it. I'm not sore that they didn't do it, but worried that I somehow missed it. Apparently, no, they didn't do it. So that's not my fault, at least!

Grading piles:

Peer editing
Final set of short papers

Abstracts and bibliographies
Some presentations
Peer editing
Final research papers
Short reflection papers.

Most of those haven't come in yet, but I have plenty to keep me busy. In an ideal world, I have everything else graded when the research papers come in on Wednesday, and then have made significant progress on them by Friday, when the final short papers come in. And then I hope to have those graded by the day of the final, when I'll get in the final short reflection papers.

It's time to get grading!

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