Tuesday, August 03, 2010


On Sunday, I got one of those early warning sort throats, where you feel the scratchiness sort of hurting at the top/back of your mouth, just at the throat, and then the nose gets stuffy, and the throat gets really sore. Ugh.

Monday, I spent cleaning a semi-disgusting refrigerator (a 4/10 on the disgustiness scale, and not my mess, I'm happy to say). And then cleaned a rug, washed floors, and just cleaned.

This morning, I needed to meet the handyman at 7:30, so between knowing I had to be somewhere early and the semi-sore throat, I didn't sleep well last night. I kept waking up and looking at the clock, knowing that it was hours before I needed to get up, but still not sleeping much.

Then I ran errands to the glass fixer place (second visit in two days) and the dry-cleaners (dirty drapes). Then since I was close, I went to campus and bought my new parking permit (no line!) and a calendar planner booklet thingy.

Usually I get sort of excited filling in the dates on a new calendar thingy, but today I'm just sleepy. I think it's time for a nap before I go back and do the second cleaning of the rug (working in a different direction).

(The good news is that the throat isn't feeling more sore, and I don't have swollen glands, so my judicious use of medicinal bourbon may have worked. As an aside: when I was a kid, I got strep a couple times. One of those times, I got taken to the doctor who asked if my throat hurt. I said that it only hurt when I swallowed. And he mocked me in a petty, nasty way and said that it always only hurt when you swallow. And then I got the usual penicillin. The thing is, though, my sore throats sometimes hurt when I'm not swallowing; they just ache sorely. I haven't had a really sore throat since I hit my teens; I sort of outgrew them or got luckier or something.)

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