Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Links I Like

Remember in the stone ages of blogging, when people would share links to things they were reading that they liked? And then, after a while, people don't do that much. (Me, included.)

These are worth looking at! If you've found something really good recently, please share.

Brilliantly funny: Hyperbole and a Half - You know how some people just hit your funny bone? Allie hits my funny bone just right. I especially like her bicycle post! If you read back, you get to watch her style develop.

Hit the mark: "Eat, Pray, Spend" from BitchMagazine provides a helpful critique of the much popular book and movie. (No, I haven't read them, but I've been hearing about them.)

Birds, yay!: GrrlScientist is doing her bird posts here, at Maniraptora.


  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    loved the piece from bitch magazine on eat pray love. havent read it (yet, probably) but I hate it anyway. :)a

  2. Well, I made it about 25 pages into the book before I quit. Saw the movie last weekend. Eat and Pray were awful; Love was worth it for the male lead.