Friday, August 13, 2010


Summer's drawing to a close. I've been moderately productive, and that's okay.

I know summer's close because I finally got around to shampooing the rugs/carpets. They'd probably be a lot less gross if I shampooed them every six months, but they're done for now. I should have chosen a less humid day, but I turned the air conditioner on and all the fans I could find, so I'm hoping things will dry out okay.

Another hint that summer's coming to a close is that campus stuff is gearing up. I went in yesterday, and the maintenance folks have cleaned our floors. They look remarkably good.

In the past couple of weeks, I've:

Acquired an MA student because a colleague left for "greener pastures."
Gotten an inquiry about serving on a supposedly easy campus committee.

I also heard that the trickle down thing happened, so I'll be the Advising Big Cheese for my department. In my will to power, I've decided to require all English majors to start biking. I'm trying to figure out how to get this into the computer system. It will also give me a chance to institute the Shakespeare major.

/raises fist in defiance and yells: Taking over the world for Biking and Shakespeare!!

It also means that I don't have to finish prepping the theory class I haven't taught for five years, and I won't have to prep the spring class I haven't taught for at least that long. It's a wash, since those are good classes, I suppose.

I also heard that the next step is happening for my semester in Disneyland Shakespearelandia. I'm waiting for the final official word from a higher up over at the Fort.


  1. " In my will to power, I've decided to require all English majors to start biking." Hah! A good call.

  2. power -- it goes right to the head. ;)

  3. "Taking over the world for Biking and Shakespeare!!"

    I love this! You go, Bardiac!

  4. I think the biking and Shakespeare major would be awesome. I could get in shape and come give a guest lecture!

  5. Wait, where are you doing a semester?