Monday, August 23, 2010

Begin Again

Today's the first day of the new contract period, which is the official beginning of the school year for instructors. Staff and administrative folks have been around all summer working, of course (and paid for it). Most students aren't here yet, but the band is already busy practicing, and so are some athletes.

I dropped my international students off at their dorm this morning, and now I'm at the office, feeling sort of overwhelmed by how much there is to do, and hardly knowinig where to start.

I think I'll start by cleaning up a bit, and getting some stuff in order for the Big Cheese job. And then I'll go home and read/prep some more.

Happy New School Year, all!


  1. Happy new school year! It's this time of year that I most wish we were on semesters -- I miss being part of the community starting school right now.

    Very best for the first week.

  2. Hope you get off to a good start! I always like having a chance to putz around the office and tidy up. It's helps me get back in the game.

  3. Good luck this academic year, Bardiac (we're not on contract till after Labor Day, but I'm cleaning the office today---good times;-)

  4. I'm back on contract some time this week, at the latest by Wednesday when we have our big welcome back thing. Have a great school year!

  5. Happy new school year!