Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shoe Report

In the quest for fun, some weight loss, and better biking, I try to do a variety of activities, which is why I got the shoes. If they're as fun to run in as people say, then I will have fun running, and add it to the mix. But I'm not a runner, really.

I went for a short run with a friend yesterday to try out the new shoes, and it was fun. Mostly it was fun because of my friend being a good friend. The shoes contributed, as did the beautiful day and lovely area to run. (We mostly ran in a field near my house.)

I think this is a weird case where it's really good not to be much of a runner, because I've heard that real runners get so excited by these new shoes that they tend to go out for a long run, and then because the shoes sort of make you run differently, they use different muscles and get REALLY sore and sad the next day.

I, on the other hand, went such a short distance that I'm not really sore or anything.

I'm trying to think why I stop running and walk. Mostly it's not that I'm out of breath, because I don't sprint around and I have okay fitness. I think it's that my legs get lazy, lazy more than tired.

So, the shoes were fun, but my friend is more fun. And we'll go again before long!


  1. I missed yesterday in my fog, but my brother has those VFFs, wears them a lot and has been able to go back to running in spite of a history of knee trouble. So have fun...

  2. I bought a bike this summer to supplement the running (and because running can be so hard on my ole legs)---not so much a biker yet (prefer bike paths to roads or trails), but I enjoy the change.

    Now those funky shoes: I simply can't imagine running in them, but perhaps you've inspired me. Let me know how it goes when you run in them a little longer;-)