Sunday, August 01, 2010

The big party was last night, and it was good. Much yummy food was eaten; the cake was fantastic, the company even better.

I'm grateful to the NW friends and family who made it a wonderful day.

My birthday present to myself was a short series of beginning yoga classes. The first day was yesterday, and it was fun, and not too hard. I'm sure it will get harder.

I'm pretty much an empiricist, so when they start talking about my energy flow, I sort of nod and tune out. But I'm hoping the muscle tone and flexibility and such will work without any energy flowing that doesn't involve atp and such.


  1. Happy birthday, Bardiac, and congrats on the yoga classes---I, too, tune out during any energy flow, nameste sort of talk, and I'm luck to have found an instructor who keeps that to a minimum. So focus on the downward dog and king pigeon and warrior stances and breathe;-)

  2. sounds like a wonderful party! happy birthday!

  3. Happiest of birthdays to you! I tried yoga for the first time this fall and I really enjoyed it. Like you, I have to do a lot of nodding and self-tuning, but I liked the increased flexibility and muscle tone. I'm hoping I can get back to it soon. Good luck with your classes!

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm just getting back into yoga after a brief flirtation at the beginning of the last decade, and I'm loving it. Don't knock the flakier aspects of it--go with it, and it might work for you.

    I just enjoy going to a class in which I don't have to think, I just need to follow instructions and can just tune out. That's almost vacation enough for me, aside from the physical exercise and stretching/flexibility, etc.