Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Trouble Closer to Home

I haven't heard about it in the news, but the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe members living on the Cheyenne River Reservation are facing a state of emergency due to ice storms that hit recently and previously this winter. Water and power have been systems are mostly down, and people are at risk. It's worth remembering that Native American communities are among the poorest in the US, and those of us whose lives are more advantaged should reach out a hand to help.

Here's the official website of this Lakota Nation, and here's the Disaster Relief information page they've set up. There's a donation link at the bottom of that page should you have resources to share.

Here's the Huffington Post article on the disaster.

And here's an article from KTVU in Oakland, CA.

Why aren't the mainstream media folks at least mentioning this? It doesn't affect as many people as the disaster in Haiti, but the people it affects are in trouble, too.

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