Thursday, February 04, 2010


I came home to a warm house this evening. It was totally wonderful to walk into the house and know immediately that the heat was working.

The furnace blower was out, and it seems like that's a sort of expensive part. At least I hope that's a more expensive part, because I don't want to see when a more expensive piece goes out.

And so, I'm grateful that the furnace company was able to send someone today, and that the furnace repairperson was able to figure out the problem, get the part, and repair things. And I'm especially grateful to have rejoined the middle class some years past, so that I can afford to pay for the repair without struggling.

I'm grateful that there's a minimal bump on my head, unworthy of all the whining I want to do about the door falling on me. As much as having the door fall on me hurt, I should have a bump the size of a melon to be convincing.

Amusingly, one of our office staffers ordered a new color paper; it's violet, and pretty much everyone is having all our copies made on violet right now, and there is much oohing and aahing about the lovely violet copies. We are all way too excited about this new-to-our-office paper color.


  1. That's funny--for the first time EVER, the quarterly shift in consumable paper products at my high school has yeided violet hall passes, sky-blue bus passes and grass-green assignment books. We in the English department are rejoicing in the change; our peers in EVERY OTHER DISCIPLINE are complaining and moaning about the "weird" colors...Gah! Get a life!, I wanna throw back--these are freaking WONDERFUL colors to interrupt our too cold and to grey and too bleak winter days. They give promise, and for that we in the English department are grateful.

    BTW, my word verification is "housnedg"--I hope that is in kimetic repsponse to your recent house needings and not some yet pending of my own...

  2. GAH again--that was to be "too" and "kismetic". O! for an edit function! (Beyond the preview option, of course; I mean who uses THAT?!)

  3. D'oh! Glad your head is okay. And the furnace is okay too.

    I like using (previously used) colored paper for scrap paper. I cut it in half and I have a rainbow stack on my desk that gives me much innocent pleasure. ;-)

  4. yay for the furnace person! and heat!

    ooh, violet paper sounds so pretty.

  5. It must be nice to be able to pay for a repair and not feel like you're giving up dinner for a month. One of these days, we'll get there. (Since we rent, it's usually car trouble that gets us in a pickle.) I'm glad that the furnace is working and that you're not going to freeze in that cold midwestern winter! When I read about your furnace breaking, I started worrying about you. Even with a working heater, I've frozen my tail off in the midwest!

  6. I recently left clinic nursing for school nursing. I love that I can send things to be printed on whatever fun color paper I choose. Nurse passes are salmon, asthma medication forms are blue, 5th grade camp health permissions are yellow, allergy allerts are hot pink, etc. So much more fun than the boring white I used to fill charts with!

  7. We aren't allowed coloured paper. The office staff have a stack of it in the corner, and whenever you ask for some, they say "No, it's too expensive." Even if you need it for a really good reason, like to make posters advertising your course that actually need to stand out against the piles of other flyers and posters on the noticeboard.

    I have no idea why they actually have any, seeing as there doesn't seem to be a reason good enough to liberate it from them.