Friday, February 05, 2010

Special Snowflakes: Senior Edition

I'm supposed to facilitate a meeting today in the department; it's a fairly important meeting, and comes right after our regularly scheduled department meeting. And since we're all supposed to attend department meetings unless there's some really important reason not to, it shouldn't be a difficult issue for folks to attend. They also had notice of the meeting a fair time ago.

That is, it's sort of like classes for students; you know when they are, and you attend unless something important comes up.

Why is it, then, that several colleagues have stopped me in the hall to let me know they couldn't attend because something important came up: a birthday party, an arts festival in the another town, etc.

One, I'm not taking roll and I'm not your mommy. Two, I know at least one of these people is going to want a "full report" about what happened, and you know what, I just may have something more important to do than take the time to give them that report.

It's not that I think choosing not to attend is a problem, but they really do sound a lot like the very special snowflakes who think I should make accomodations for their choices.


  1. I'm in year two or three of being department chair. When I started, I was surprised to learn that faculty are just as flakey as students. Mine can't make simple deadlines or follow directions -- so, I feel your pain.

    Personally, I wouldn't send notes to anybody who didn't have a teachinig obligation or campus committment. The rest of them can get notes from their friends -- just like in class.

  2. I think you should feel free to *say* that you're not taking roll and you're not their mommy!!

    Sheesh. Best luck.

  3. Tell them they need to get the notes from their fellow students :-).

  4. Oh, I feel your pain. Getting people to follow instructions is really hard. Faculty are terrible. And they are almost ALL special snowflakes:)

  5. Is this the same breed of colleague as "Ideas" people? You know, those people who want to see things improve/change/whatever, bring it up and then don't volunteer to be on the committee to fix the problem?