Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nightmare in the Hallway

My sleep pattern has been a little disrupted lately. I go to bed, but have insomnia (which is nothing new, but hasn't been a big problem for a long while), and then want to sleep when it's time to get up. In my humple opinion, there's little more luxuriuos than waking at the usual time (6:20 is when the alarm goes) and realizing I can sleep in. An extra half hour feels like a total luxury. (I think I haven't been exercising enough; digging out the driveway is work, but it's not the sort of exercise that my body seems to like.)

Anyway, this morning I didn't want to get up, but my body was starting the "it's almost time to get up, let's go pee before I burst" thing, but my poor befuddled brain was trying not to admit the time.

It's proofreading day in my writing class. The students will do a proofreading project and then turn in the final drafts of their first essay. On proofreading day, I take in my special plastic bag full of post-it notes (hu-sen in Japanese, in case you were interested), some paper clips (because you know some students won't staple).

In my dream, I left my office with my bag of post-it notes, went down the stairway, and got lost on the wrong floor. Now, my building can be slightly confusing because there's a classroom wing (3 stories) and an office wing (8 stories), and folks sometimes have a hard time realizing that you can't go to the fourth floor (or higher) from the classroom wing. There are other buildings on campus that join together in weird, mazelike ways; and I have a poor sense of direction--shamefully poor. Let's just say that if I'd been leading the Donner Party, they'd have ended up in New Orleans. And the food would have been way better.

So in my dream, I'm walking around, up and down stairs, trying to find my classroom and it's getting later and later. At first, there's five minutes (because I usually aim to leave my office five minutes before the hour, and it takes perhaps two minutes to get to the class), then it's a quarter after, and then it's a quarter to, and I'm still trying to find the room, but now even if I found it, the students would in all likelihood be long gone.

And then I woke up, and lo, it was 6:20, and the radio was on, and I hid my eyes and stayed in bed until 6:38! Slugabed!

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