Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Too Many Different Directions

Sometimes, I feel like I'm pulling in too many directions, and if I could just get one off my plate, it would be way better. As it is, I'm ignoring a couple way longer than I should.

1. Committee work. There's this committee (secretary), and that committee (chair), and then the other (chair), and it's frustrating. If I could drop two of the bigger jobs and just be a member, or drop one of the committees altogether, life would be better. (My afternoon has been taken up with committee stuff today, which is why it's on my mind to come first.)

2. Classes. Three. At least I've taught them all before. I'm teaching the one new text of the semester this week, though, so that's extra work. This week is also oral quizzes for reading Chaucer aloud, so that's adding up.

2a. The students who need something special, make up stuff, whatever.

3. Paper. Oops!

4. Summer project. Oops!

5. Guest. My neighbors' pup is visiting for the week. This is good because she takes me out to exercise. And she's good for my attitude. But she's bad for grading and prep and stuff.

6. Life. I had a great weekend, but it's hurting now. I saw Macbeth! It was very good! I learned to make dal with help from some friends. Also very good. I went snowshoing because the pup needed to get out and burn off some steam.

7. Advising. I'm supposed to be advising for a few of our ed students now. They seem a bit more needy, or maybe it's just one or two students who are worried right now?

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