Monday, December 07, 2009

We Need Another Internet Law

You all know how there are ten internet "laws" right?

We need another one, maybe related to Godwin's law (that's the reference to Hitler and Nazi-ism one). I'm not quite sure how to word it, but it's gotta go like this:
When any feminist criticizes patriarchy or male privilege, no matter how gently, someone will tell her to lighten up or explain that feminists have no sense of humor.
So that's it, more or less, but it needs to be worded better.

As an aside, Twisty has taken time to explain that feminists do, indeed, appreciate good comedy.


  1. Absolutely. And I would add that the corollary to that law is that any display of reasoned anger or argumentation from a woman is likely to be met with the rejoinders, 'Calm down!' and/or 'Don't get hysterical.'
    Twisty always makes it better, though (or at least a bit easier to bear).

  2. Yeah, ladies, can't you take a joke? Boys will be boys, you know. If you want to work in a man's world, you're just going to have to play by their rules. You women just take everything so personally. Sheesh, relax a little. You'd have a better sense of humor if you just got laid more often.

    Sorry, just had to vent. Because I've heard all of those. Thanks for articulating it better than I could.

    (And by the way, whenever a guy says that "all you women" take everything personally, I've learned to calmly reply, "that's because it IS personal." Drives them crazy.) :)

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    My chin is still on the floor after just reading FemaleScienceProfessor's "he must be joking" post. My chin *shouldn't be* on the floor because similar stuff happens to me on a regular basis and it's not a shock to my system anymore.

    My boss was emailed to fill out a reference form for something I applied for. My boss forwarded me the email saying "are you serious?"

    NO, I'M TOTES NOT SERIOUS. I'm a silly school girl. HARDEEHARRHARR.
    I wanted to throttle him. I wrote him a lengthy reply about asking women "if they are serious" so he can firmly know that I'm SERIOUSLY a hysterical whiny feminist bitch!

  4. Do you know Nellie McKay's song "Mother of Pearl"? It starts with the line "Feminists don't have a sense of humor" and goes from there (with a chorus of male voices interjecting lines like "Lighten up, ladies!"). It's hilarious. (Here's a link to a video of her performing it: