Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Day of Classes

My drama students did a really good job writing draft essay questions for that part of their exam. My goal for an exam essay question is that an okay student should be able to write an okay exam, while a student who's really worked hard and put things together should be able to write something that synthesizes material and shows their learning in some interesting way. So I have some more work to do, but they're on the way.


I'm tired of students putting work in my box late and pretending it's on time. Yes, my syllabus states that work is due in class. I know it's hard to actually print stuff out ahead. And staple technology is apparently well beyond some people. But I'm tired of the constant bits of lateness. And no, I'm holding the line today.

I'm tired of last minute excuses. You didn't participate in peer editing TWO weeks ago and you want me to somehow find a way for you to make that grade up today? Seriously? What do you suggest that would be fair to the people who put effort into peer editing?

I'm tired of students wondering why I haven't responded to their email while I'm in class, a meeting, or a conference with another student.

I'm tired of students who can't do basic percentages. It's like they know what percentages are, but when faced with figuring out their grades, they can't put the workbook math into real math or something. Well, some of them can, but others can't.

I'm just tired. I should be grading.


On the other hand, I just got an email from a colleague responding to my bemoaning the dearth of grading gnomes at my house. She said she's a few elves short of a workshop. I just laughed.


  1. This time of year, aren't we all a few elves short of a workshop?

    I've started asking students with problems to formulate a solution that would be fair to the rest of the class. I've even sent them away to think about it. Generally, that's when they accept that there is nothing that can fairly be done...

  2. ItPF: Brilliant response. I will steal it. Thank you!

    Bardiac: I just checked my campus email and was reminded that, as soon as you are completely finished being tired of all the end of term bull stinky, there's a whole new load dropped from students asking for their grades to be changed. Have mercy!