Monday, December 14, 2009

Just Wow

These are craft kits. You unfold them and there are several pockets inside where you can put your craft materials. They're gorgeous. The tan one has a wooden button!

I try to find unique sorts of gifts, and I think I hit the mark with these. Now I want to send my aunt one, too!

I don't usually do advertising stuff, but here's where you can get craft kits: Artbeco on Etsy (Disclosure: One of my long and good friends makes these. She's a wonderful artist in all sorts of ways.)


  1. oooh, these are great!

  2. I would want one of those to put class or meeting notes in. Sooo pretty!

    Ooh, maybe your friend should branch out and make them as covers for notepads (instead of those boring old folders most of use with our notes)!

  3. Ink, She makes all sorts of moleskin and notepad covers, too, and they're beautiful looking! (I got these for crafty folks, though, so I went with the craft folders.) Go look!

  4. Oh hey, thanks for this. :) I'm putting up a bunch of new notebooks and calendars and such this week, too, so good timing! Hope all the rellies enjoy the kits!