Saturday, December 26, 2009

Committee Anxiety Dreams

This was a new one for me. I've chaired committees before, but I've never had an anxiety dream about prepping for a committee meeting.

Up for the semester: secretary to one committee, chair of a department committee, chair of a maybe committee (it's complicated, but maybe doesn't exist now), and chair of a college committee (but only for the semester).

The first is going to be full of weekly meetings, the second is going to involve two or three big meetings (and possibly some contentious decision making), the third is going to involve at least one painful meeting, and the fourth is a weekly thing, mostly rote but with mataphoric quicksand and ROUS along the way.


I want to get out and do something. I think my biking and stuff has changed my sense of self enough so that I get more antsy now if I don't play outside fairly frequently. My Mom would be ready in an instant, the others, not so much. I have to say that for my Mom: if I said there's something to do and we need to be ready at 6am, she'd be ready at 5:45, and rarin' to go.

It sometimes amazes me that two so very different people came out of one family as my sibling and I. I'll eat pretty much anything, and would rather try something new than something familiar mostly. My sibling seems to feel just the opposite. I'll try almost anything new sportsy/physical (except for boxing and bungi jumping); my sibling will try things if I make it very easy to do, and then like it well enough, but not do it again. On the other hand, my sibling is quite good at the one or two sports he does, and I'm not nearly as good at the sports I try to do, even biking.

My sibling is much better at some things than I am, and those are important things. For example, my sibling can cook and tries new sorts of cooking things, and me, well, I'm an uninspired cook, and I don't enjoy it enough to want to try a lot of new things.


  1. "I get more antsy now if I don't play outside fairly frequently..."

    That is a wonderful way to feel--not the antsiness, but the sense of oneself as an active person of the fresh air.

  2. It's interesting to me that I wasn't particularly outdoorsy when I was younger, and I'm much more so now. It's cool that people can change in that way. I just spent a bunch of time inside over the last few days, but generally I get antsy if I'm inside too much as well.

  3. My sisters and I could not be more different. Even the sister that I am close to is vastly different from me. We have reading in common, but that's about it. I often wonder how we could all be so different, but I figure it's a good thing. I wouldn't like their lives. And they don't understand mine.

  4. I always found that committee meetings were worse in thought than when they actually happened, but maybe that's because I'm one of those people who always prepares for the worst whatever. Our forecasters got it wrong at the beginning of the week and instead of the 12 inches of snow they promised us we got about 1. So what do I do now with the months worth of food I stocked up on, just in case I was never able to get to the shops again?

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