Thursday, December 24, 2009

The War on Christmas

A typical modern Christmas film was played on the dvd the other night, a rather poor and moderately reprehensible, but totally typical film. Every modern Christmas film has basically the same plot: the spirit of Christmas is threatened by people (or kids or dogs) who don't believe in Santa. Someone has to learn to believe in Santa and the spirit of Christmas, and helps Santa deliver presents, and so the whole of Christmas is saved. (This one turned one character's Buddha statue into a snowman. Really. So much for multi-cultural respect, eh?)

As the film started, it came to me that the people who think there's a war on Christmas have seen way too many Christmas films, and believe the propaganda.

Really, no matter how many people don't actually think there's a jolly elf living at the north pole, there's no war on Christmas. And no matter how many people believe there's a fairy flying through the sky controlling things, there's really not.

But if getting together with family/friends and giving each other good food and stuff makes one happy, then the whole fairy business isn't really necessary.

But please, for the love of dog, can we stop making such bad movies?


  1. Heh.

    The Girlfriend and I watched a holiday flick the other night and have decided it may become a tradition.

    "Make the Yuletide Gay" A rather amusing little piece of holiday cheer that is, very fortunately, available on Netflix Instant View. I've you haven't got anything better to do, I recommend it.

    Silly, but fun.

  2. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Another piece of silliness that skewers the whole "war on Christmas" bit is Stephen Colbert's Christmas special - hilarious! And free on Hulu until the 30th.