Friday, November 02, 2007

The To Do List

Here's the weekend to do list:

Writing class: revisions, one response exercise

Upper level class: reading summary exercise stack (reread essay), reading response exercise stack (reread essay)(both I got this week), presentations

Grad class: half a stack of reading analysis responses (review essay; graded the other half earlier in the week, between students) [Done Friday night!]

Library presentation: preparation for Monday's presentation (number 3 of 4)

One letter of recommendation

Two letters for colleagues

Prep classes for Monday, Tuesday

[Edited to add: Dang, I have one other committee task I'd almost forgotten about, and another committee meeting to organize for later in the week. /cry]

Already done: 1 stack of writing journals, 15 miles (rolly hill ride)

This is actually a pretty manageable weekend. I don't have an essay set for my writing class because I finished them in a wild grading frenzy during the week and handed them back.

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