Sunday, November 04, 2007

Problem of the Day

I remembered why I was prepping the wrong week for my library presentation thing. This week is on the parts of Henry V that didn't make it to one or both films.

The thing is, the part that didn't make it to film? It's hard to show clips of that part, you know? Yeah. So I'd figued that out. The next problem is figuring out how to get a good discussion of the missingness of the parts.

Happily, one of the films shows considerably more of these parts than the other.

So, the Harfleur speech (where Olivier doesn't talk about all the raping and baby killing he and his soldiers would do if only they could take the city). Branagh's version is a bit fuller.

Then the treason scene and hanging Bardolph scene, which Branagh shows, but Olivier doesn't (and who could blame him in 1944!).

Then we'll look at the killing the prisoner's speeches, and Pistol capturing his prisoner. And if we have time, we'll look at the final chorus bit, where Olivier cuts the bit about Henry VI being a baby and France being lost and England getting into a nasty civil war.

So, that's done (well, except for making up the hand out and knowing exactly which scenes are which and where).

Why is it I feel guilty for only working 4 hours yesterday, and a few hours today. You know, on the weekend? I'd better watch out or they're going to start counting it as sick leave when I don't get up at 6am on a Sunday...

Meanwhile: 17 miles today, 1 campus festival event attended, 1 campus concert attended. (Which don't really count as work, but I saw students! And other faculty folks!)

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