Saturday, November 10, 2007

Overheard on Campus

I was walking on campus yesterday afternoon, making a quick trip to manage my caffeine levels before my last meeting, and overheard this from a young man on a cell phone:

"So you have to kill Bambi's mom?"


It weirds me out that I'm pretty sure I know what the conversation was about.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM


  2. Isn't it lovely living in Deer Hunting territory?

    I have a mysterious number of illnesses during deer season... almost all boys who wear hats to class.

  3. Anastasia, There's a policy up here intended to help reduce the deer overpopulation. Hunters have to kill one antlerless deer (a female or first year male) in order to get to kill a deer with antlers (a buck, the choice of trophy hunters).

    Inside, I kept hearing guns going off on my bike ride today. I wish I had a really bright blaze orange jersey! (I have blue and yellow, VERY bright, but not blaze orange.)

    Some of my faculty colleagues and upper level administrators take time off to go hunting, cancel classes, etc. They have all these excuses about how the classes are doing work on the computer discussion system. Yeah. Right.