Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Bits of Goodness

I had one of those remarkably productive, if fragmented, days today. Can I just say, my students really make my job meaningful and pleasureable, former students, too.

I got my flu shot today. I'm always indecisive about getting a flu shot, but usually get one if I remember, because students always bring back nasty bugs after Thanksgiving. (Random observation: Is it just me, or have vaccines gotten less painful in recent years? Giving blood still feels the same level of poking and stinging, but vaccines seem to hurt WAY less than when I was a young adult, even.) I don't think I've ever had the flu, but one of my colleagues got it a couple years ago and was laid up for three weeks feeling lousy and then slowly recovering.

I wrote up my course outline for next semester, and I'm thinking it's pretty good already. And it's got me thinking about what handouts I'll need to have made up for copying way before I leave and such. I have a TON of work for this whole trip thing to do, but I made good progress today, and I beat the description deadline by a couple days!

One of my students sent me a brilliant email suggesting something for our next class meeting.

I got cheese. This isn't just any old cheese, but cheese that takes goodness and comfort food to entirely new levels. This is cheese that makes bread WANT to be under a broiler. My mouth is watering right now.

I met with a student about a paper, and was able to help him focus further and get a start with some historical background work. I checked through an advisee's file for our meeting tomorrow, and have ideas to help her with her scheduling and planning.

I wrote my monthly advising letter and sent it off to my advisees.

I got a lovely call from a former student that made me feel like I actually do make a difference.

I graded a stack and a half stack. One of the revisions I read was just outstanding; now if the writer can do that well again! Fingers crossed!

I did several hours of committee work, very productively, until my brain couldn't concentrate well. I'm about one third done with the part of this project I need to do before next week.


  1. Wow, what a productive and lovely-sounding day. I love the bit about cheese. I get the cheese worship - I must admit that I have 5 rare cheeses being couriered across the country to me as I type.

  2. Hilaire, I know! It WAS a really good day. And great cheese!