Sunday, November 11, 2007


I've been working on procrastinating less this semester. So here I am, blogging. Yes, I'm aware, thanks.

For one thing, thinking about going overseas for a semester has made me get a bit more on the ball about getting some things done.

In the past week, I've made appointments to get my car's oil changed (which I'm pretty good about, usually, but this semester is madness), and to get my teeth cleaned (which I'm not pretty good about, but genetics seems to have dealt me a good hand on reasonably healthy teeth once you get past the years of braces).

And, after more than fifteen years, yes, you've read that right, more than fifteen years, I finally took some chairs in to be rewoven or something. (Can it really have been fifteen years? It seems impossible, but the math works out.) I just finally face the fact that when there are people here for Thanksgiving, they'll need to sit, and since I own nice chairs, if I get them repaired, we could actually sit in those, instead of the plastic porch chairs.

So, why chairs, why today? The chairs come from a set of furniture I sort of inherited from friends of my parents. These friends (I blogged a little about them at the bottom of this post), H and T, were friends of my parents from an apartment my folks had for a couple years before I was born, and remained friends of my folks until they died.

T was probably the only veteran of WWI I knew, though H was a nurse during the war, so maybe she was a veteran as well?

Mostly, I procrastinate about grading, so I need to get back to work. I need better anti-procrastination strategies.

So far: 19 miles, rolling hills. (I passed 2500 miles total for the year today.)
Finished library presentation preparation.


  1. I'd say that H was definitely a veteran. My grandmother, and my son's great-grandmother on his father's side, both nurses in WWI would have agreed -- adamantly! There is a memorial in DC where nurses from WWI can be listed (maybe other wars too?). It is a community-participation sort of thing -- one can submit a name to be included. I don't know much about this, just that a relative interested in genealogy had my grandmother listed several years ago. Sad, isn't it, that they can put up all sorts of memorials for the men but they have to ask for input for the women who served. I'm guessing there were few records of those women who participated.

  2. Cam, I'm not sure where she was a nurse, though.