Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Most Boring Blogger Ever!

It's almost 7pm on Saturday, and here's how the weekend roundup list is going so far:

1 Stack of writing stuff
1 Stack of essays
1 partial stack of essays (variable due dates)
1 stack of other stuff

5+ hours of committee work - 2+ hours done! First step DONE!!

Texts for next week: Play, essay re play, essay

Prep the final week of my library presentation.

Also: 18 miles, and the bike shop solved my difficulty getting my tires pumped; turns out the pump wasn't working! It wasn't my lousy technique after all! They exchanged the pump for me. I love my bike shop folks.

So far, it's been a hugely productive weekend, and there's still time to read a play or something! I'm so happy to be done with the big first stack that I'm practically dancing around my office.

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