Monday, November 12, 2007

After a Long Day

I just got an email from a colleague in response to some work the committee I chair has done. Undercutting and wonderfully nasty, and perfectly polite. Admirably viscious, even. Ah, the skills we phuds bring to our work.

I could do without that.

I'm off to do my last library session. These things are tiring. I find that I have to bring a lot of energy to the group, and really try to keep folks focused. Sometimes my regular students make off the wall comments, and I just wonder what the heck they're thinking. These folks, though, some of them really bring things in from left field.

I try to make sense of things, but sometimes I really feel inadequate. And tired.

This is the last session, and so the last week of feeling like I'm teaching an extra class.

I haven't slept well before any of these classes. I should keep that in mind should I ever think about applying for this program again. It's really sort of not worth the hassle. On the other hand...

I got a whole new stack of essays today. And some extra late essays from a stack I graded over the weekend. I think some of my students have a touch of senioritis or something.

Of the new essays I graded so far, several were outstanding, really just solid A essays. I hope that means they've learned stuff this semester and doesn't just mean I've become delusional or something.


  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    After such a hardworking and productive weekend, to get a nasty email (even if a rhetorically competent one) stinks. I'm sorry. On the bright side, soon this bozo will be on another continent from you.

  2. Meansomething, thanks. It was sort of nasty. Oh well.