Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today I Realized...

I've been incredibly lucky through my life. In lots of ways, yes, I've been incredibly lucky.

I spent a fair part of today at a local hospital, keeping a friend company while his partner (also a friend) had surgery. We're told that it worked out as well as it possibly could. So that's very good news indeed.

But I realized later that the likelihood is that even if I'm lucky enough not to be sick myself, the fact that my family and friends are aging about as fast as I am means that I'm likely to spend more time in the future hanging out in hospitals.

I'm mostly okay with the whole middle-age thing, but right now, the future looks sort of crappy.


  1. Recurring realizations of mortality.

  2. /Comfort (as you always so kindly give me.:) )

    This *is* father had his 65th birthday this week, and I've felt uneasy about what it symbolizes all week...