Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thinking Blogger

The Blog that Ate Manhattan nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award. (There's a graphic thingy there, and rules too) Thanks, TBTAM!

The idea is that I now get to point to five other blogs that make me think. I'm trying to choose people I haven't noticed being already nominated, but I may have missed something or forgotten.

Dr Virago over at Quod She. First, it's rare that the title of a blog says so very much in two short words. Dr. V teaches me a lot about teaching, and generously shares ideas.

Terminal Degree plays the kazoo, teaches music, and writes a great blog. I love reading about her teaching experiences, especially this past year, her first at a new school.

A Ianqui in the Villiage, yet another academic who makes me think, often about environmental issues and the good life.

Heo Cwaeth writes a feminist blog about graduate school and beyond. My only complaint is that she doesn't post as often as I'd like. But then, she's a busy woman! And a medievalist.

New Kid on the Hallway has been going through some changes, and she always makes me think. What is it with all these medievalist types?


  1. Thanks! (Actually, Rev. Dr. Mom nominated me a while back, but I always appreciate it! And I'm very glad that both of you mentioned the environmentalism, because sometimes I wonder if I'm too preachy.)

  2. Ianqui, I think you're anything BUT preachy. I really like the way you make me think about things, especially the environmental stuff.

  3. Now I know the purpose of thes memes- to expose us to blogs we wouldn't have found otherwise.

    Thanks for the new links!

  4. I saw the original nomination on TBTAM's site and agreed wholeheartedly with her choice -- I always enjoy reading through your posts. I frequently feel that my brain has had a great workout when I'm done!


  5. TBTAM, Enjoy reading!

    Artemis, Thanks :)

  6. Thanks! (And don't think I don't feel guilty about the periodic blog abandonment.) I'll start working on my response over barbequed stuff tomorrow!

  7. Heocwaeth, Don't feel guilty. I know you've been super busy with more pressing issues. But I DO enjoy learning from your posts!