Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm SO Excited!

Sing it with me!

I finally went to see a travel agent today! I'll be teaching in Asia in the spring semester, and want to bookend my teaching with travel on either end, one trip in late December/January, and one in May. I figure, the heck with retiring (ever).

My fantasy vacations are Malaysia/Indonesia (especially Borneo), Thailand, and ?

I'm sort of open-minded, but I'm interested in seeing wildlife, especially birds (and orangs! or gibbons!). And I'm interested in seeing cultural stuffs. But not so much in big cities (I've spent some time in some big cities, and they're great fun! But now for something different).

Nepal and Tibet would be wonderful, too. She tried to talk me into China, but I don't tend to have fantasies about China. I want an adventure!

And I'd love to have some suggestions. (There are more places to visit than time, alas.)


I stress way too much over stuff I shouldn't. Today, I had a mammogram, just the usual bleeping middle-age screening thing. But I lost sleep over it worrying, felt ucky in my gut. It's not fun, no. (Seriously, last time my breasts hurt for four days.) I haven't been manhandled like that... I was going to say since high school, but more like since my last mammogram. But it wasn't worth the energy I put into fretting. And now it's done.

The thing is, I don't worry about my breasts or breast cancer, except when it's time for the mammogram. And now I'll have this undercurrent of stress until I hear or get a little postcard in the mail. (Someday, I'll tell you all about my telegram from hell weekend.)


  1. I have to say, I'm not looking forward to the mammograms! I have a few years though until I need to worry.

    I don't know if you're into sun and beaches and relaxation, but Tioman island in Malaysia is great for that. I spent a week there a (long!) while back, and I still have fantasies about going back.

  2. Have you thought about Laos or Cambodia? Laos is absolutely gorgeous--really the most beautiful place I have *ever* been, hands-down--and Cambodia is supposed to have some great birdwatching (although I don't know much about that). There's also Angkor Wat in Cambodia, if you're looking for non-urban sightseeing.

    That said, I would love to go to Nepal or Tibet.

    How exciting!

  3. If you go to the part of Malaysia that's on Borneo, think about going to Mulu National Park -- basically the only way to go is on a tour package, where you stay in a nice hotel and a guide takes you around to see caves, jungles, monkeys, and bats. The caves really are impressive, as are the bats which fly out of them in enormous spirals in early evening.

  4. MWAK, Beaches!!!! I like beaches just fine, can you tell?

    jb, Nope, I hadn't really thought about Laos or Cambodia. It's such a big world. I'll put them on the list, though, thanks!

    Kermit, I love bats. I'll put that on the list, thanks!