Monday, July 30, 2007

At the Risk of Being Totally Boring

I went for a ride this morning out on Joe's River Road. I've been meaning to ride out there for a while, but the hills seemed intimidating, and it's way out there, past where one of my colleagues lives. And have I mentioned how lazy I am? There's that, too.

But I rode out there this morning. Three miles out from my house, I passed my colleague's street. Wait, I thought, this isn't as far out as it seemed when I drove out here. Hmmm.

There were a couple areas where stands of more grown up pine trees graced the sides of the road, which made me feel more like I really was out in the country. Boy, did they smell good! What is it about the smell of pines?

I pedaled down a smallish hill on the third ring! The bike felt like I belonged with it.

I turned back to come home so I'm not late for some afternoon stuff. At the last bit of Joe's River Rd, I crouched on a longish downhill, playing the brakes (because the road narrows as a bridge takes it over the freeway, and it's a bit rough), and suddenly I realized, "I pedaled up this!" And I just started laughing.

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  1. I like hearing your cycling stories! I'm still working on riding down hills fast (it's scary!) and also on riding up them fast ... or not too terribly slow.