Thursday, July 26, 2007

All the World

When I got to the theater this morning, the acting class part was sort of still in session. It looked chaotic, and the woman who works on scenery/costuming primarily told me that the acting teacher had been trying to work through scenes, but that we were missing a bunch of our students.

Evidently, two of the students involved in the play had been seeing each other until recently, had broken up, then had both independently signed up for the program. One was supposedly quite upset to see the other there, but then they started talking, and, it seems, spent most of the session this morning getting back together.

I'm laughing inside. The play we're working on spends a lot of energy laughing at young people who are goofy in love, and showing that most of us will be, are, or have been goofy about love and sexuality.

And here are these students, being goofy.

I don't think the rest of the students got the connection.

Sometimes, it's good to have adult perspective, if only because you get to laugh and know that you've been laughed at with good reason, too. (Sometimes it sucks to be an adult, though.)

This Shakespeare guy just gets at things pretty darned well!

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