Monday, July 16, 2007

Random Bits of Blogging Happiness

*My friend came through her surgery well! I was expecting as much, but it's good. She's been doing better each day since the surgery. She's got a longish recovery ahead, but I'm so happy she's doing well. (Another friend suggested a "reacher" for her, so I got her one today, and she laughed and said that she'd been wondering about getting herself one.)

*Another friend is out of town, so her cats gave me a little therapy today. Yep, even the more snooty cat came and sat in the room with me, chatted a bit about how the birds on the other side of the window really needed to show respect, and got her share of pets. And, shockingly (to me), she purred loudly! The more social one was as wonderfully relaxing to pet for a bit as I've come to expect. I'm way more a dog person than a cat person, but contact with any relaxed and happy animal feels good to me.

*I got some good news today in the general life front. It eases my mind a bit.

*BIKE RIDE! I went out for an easy 16 miles today, and it just felt really good. And my tush didn't hurt. My wrists were happy, too. My legs were semi-tired, but not super tired; they were at the point where I noticed them when I pushed (against the wind, small hill, whatever), but not when I was just smoothing along in a good rhythm. I was thinking about my friend, enjoying the weather, and I realized that a couple years ago, a 16 mile ride wouldn't have been the easy, relaxing hour it was today.

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