Monday, July 23, 2007

Starting All Over Again

Today was the first day of my dramaturgy gig. It should be easy. I should be able to do this with the text tied behind my back or something.

But I was totally anxious about it last night and this morning.

I reviewed the script, and dang if they didn't cut a bunch of my favorite parts! My reaction caused the director to laugh and joke with the scenery person that she just knew I'd come in and rant about the cuts.

The students are high schoolers, with all that means. There's some wonderful enthusiasm. They wouldn't be in the program if they weren't interested, after all.

But sometimes they just run their mouths. That happens in college classes, too, but in my college classes I can pretty much cut the excess noise with a simple request.

Enthusiasm can make me crazy. You know the kind. And yet, I'm also happy they're enthusiastic. Some manage enthusiasm that doesn't make me crazy, others manage to make me crazy. I can't quite articulate the difference.

I'm also driven crazy by a student who insists that women were all X or something during the period. Yes, women were oppressed. But just as today, life was complicated. But it's hard to convince high schoolers of that. AND, it's hard to confront them with the fact that women are still oppressed today.

The semester begins soon, too. Eeep!

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