Saturday, June 01, 2013

Job Search: Last Thoughts

I thought I'd give one last thought to our job searches last year.  And then I thought that I should make a list of those posts.

March 10: Job Search: The Watch and Wait
Feb 24: Job Search: Win
Feb 17: Job Search: Polish
Feb 14: Job Search: Questions for the Campus Visit
Feb 10: Job Search: Meal Times
Jan 31: Job Search: The Job Talk
Jan 29: Job Search: The Teaching Demo
Jan 15: Job Search: The Wait
Dec 13: Job Search: Other Thoughts on Interviews
Dec 12: Job Search: Practice!
Dec 3: Job Search: What Not to Say
Nov 30: Job Search: Advice from an Admin Friend
Nov 28: Job Search: What I'd Like our Candidates to Know
Nov 20: Job Search: A Disabilities Question
Nov 17: Job Search: Interview Questions
Nov 15: Job Search: Focusing

Nov 4: Application Advice
Nov 3: Another Application Thing
Nov 2: Reading Applications  (I guess I repeat myself sometimes.)
Oct 20: Reading Applications 
Oct 16: Thoughts from the Other Side of the Job Market

I hope the posts are useful a bit to folks preparing to go on the market or on the market.

For folks who got jobs, there's a lot to do to get ready for a new beginning.  For those who are going on the market again, there's the job of getting ready again, updating, revising, and such.  And for those who've decided to do something else, then there's a lot to do there, too.

And then there are those of us who are continuing along in whatever we're doing.  And still, there's a lot to do.

A final note: the searches I was involved in have all either made hires or declared themselves failed.  Some of those may be reauthorized next year.  Of the hires I was more involved in, I'm really pleased with the new folks who will be joining us.  They're going to be superb additions to our community, and I look forward to working with them and learning from them.

I'll be heading back to another teaching writing workshop week after next, and meanwhile, there's the Criterium du Dauphine to look forward to!

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