Thursday, June 06, 2013


I'm back in the land of the northwoods!  I had a good trip, and an especially good time seeing my old college pals and some family.

But now I feel derailed (which had worried me when I left).  I need to get back on track to finish this paper.  And then I'm teaching new classes this fall (one isn't new, but I haven't taught it since 2004, so it's feeling pretty new), so I have a ton of reading to do.

I've ordered books for two of the three classes, but not the third.  I need to read some more to decide, and then order those books.

Then I need to start reading for prep for real.

It's evidently been raining a lot in the upper Midwest, which means my yard is growing lots.  That's great!  It also means the weeds are growing even faster, which maybe isn't so great. 

So, now for some self-discipline for once.  (I am far too easily derailed in life.)

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  1. My kids have been home this week, and while it's been fun hanging out, I am ever more anxious about getting my work done this summer. I have some new classes in both fall and spring, which I was hoping to prep, plus a huge research plan. Just breathe, right?