Friday, June 14, 2013

First Day of Summer!

I'm done with my workshop, so today's the first day I've really felt free, with no work type responsibilities coming up to think about very quickly.  (Except ordering books and prepping and stuff.)

So it feels like the first day of summer.

I went to a local dairy breakfast, where I had very good custard and strawberries over cornflakes.  Two friends came, and then afterwards we sat on my deck and chatted a bit.

Then I gardened for about three hours.  I weeded a fair bit of the front yard and planted some marigolds that had started in pots from last year.  (I didn't want them in those pots because I have artichokes in those pots.)  And I weed whacked (I have two batteries, each of which lasts 15-30 minutes before needing four hours of recharging, so I weed whacked for both batteries worth).  I still have probably four battery charges of weed whacking to do in this one area (which is dense with weeds, so slows things down a lot), but the whole yard looks way neater than it did two days ago.  (I got way behind being away and with the workshop and lots of rain.) 

I still have a ton of stuffs to do, just in the usual way, but I think a nap may be in order, as a special summer celebration.  Happy summer, blogosphere!

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous beginning to the "real" summer!