Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dairy Breakfast the Third

For me, this year.  (I didn't put up photos from the last because it's not held on a farm, so it's not as fun to take pictures.)

Let's get started with some cuteness.
So cute.  They said they separate the calves from the cows within a few days, which seems sort of lonely.  And then they're in these little pens for a couple of weeks to make sure they're healthy and don't share any germs.  Then they're put in age-group pens.

Breakfast for the cows, too.
The yellow thing on her nose prevents her from trying to suckle other cows; the dairy guy said that there are a few who try, and they put the plastic thing on to prevent that.  Who knew?

Our delightful hostesses.

There are horses, too!

And four of the best words in the English language:
Ice cream for breakfast!

This is a strange looking cow, no?

This dairy breakfast featured pancakes.  They were good, but just not nearly as good as the Belgian waffles. 

The question of the day: can I find another dairy breakfast for next week?


  1. What is a zebra doing on a dairy farm??

  2. It was in a pet the animals area with a small pony, so I'm guessing it was visiting for Dairy breakfast.

  3. Anonymous3:21 PM

    We were asked to bring our baby zebra and mini horse to the dairy breakfast for the "petting zoo."

  4. Hi Anonymous!

    Thanks for visiting! The zebra was cute, and the mini horse, too :) I'm sure the kids loved getting to pet them.