Sunday, February 24, 2013

Job Search: Win

I heard recently about a search candidate who was able to use an offer from one place to get a better position at another place closer to hir partner.

Someone did well at least.

I hope some other folks had good news.


  1. Totally random, but I saw this and thought of you: bikes *and* snow!

  2. I've seen those! They look like fun, but I hate when they leave big grooves in skiing trails! (There's a local park that grooms ski trails AND bike trails, often fairly near each other, and it's irritating how often a biker will choose the ski trail over the bike trail, and leave big grooves.)

  3. Hurray for people getting positions near their partners.

    So far, we have had one offer declined b/c of family considerations that couldn't be addressed in a move to here. Hoping that candidate #2 (who is, needless to say, also quite wonderful) solves their potential complications for a potential move. It's so frustrating, the geographic constraints plus tight timelines.....